About Tomorrow’s Hymns

Tomorrow’s Hymns exists to promote theologically rich songs deeply rooted in Scripture. It exists to serve songwriters who craft modern hymns, church musicians who play them, and Christians who sing them.

About Daniel J. Mount

discovered the power of a theologically rich lyric in 1999. In the nineteen years since, I’ve written 631 songs. A few have been recorded; here’s one example (co-written with Dianne Wilkinson). More are on my personal website. I’m also working on a debut solo project, songs from Genesis 1-3.

I’ve also written three books. From 2006-14, I edited and wrote 3,175 posts for Southern Gospel Journal. For much of the time I edited that website, I also worked full-time in the music industry.

Opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.


Contact me at daniel@tomorrowshymns.com.